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Mango Shrimp Tacos by Chef Ayo

Dinner Parties

Picture it, L.A, 2019, Your closest friends and family are all gathered around a table curated just for you. You sit down and begin a culinary journey with colorful dishes, and balanced flavors. Sounds of laughter and conversation fill the air as you are serviced and guided from course to course seamlessly. And finally, given back a clean kitchen at the nights close.  


Private Chef Services are for individuals or families that require professional chef quality reoccurring over a long period of time.  


Intimate Cooking Classes

Each season brings us specific bounty when it comes to produce. For each season Chef Ayo hosts a few cooking classes that highlight seasonal produce.  Come alone or with a friend and learn how to create a dish that really speaks to the season, then go forth, recreate the meal, and WOW even the savviest foodie. You will learn knife skills, cooking techniques, and plating styles that take your dish from good to great! Totally Pinterest worthy.